Monday, 12 November 2012

Ebay 88 Warm Colour Palette

The only palettes I own are those from the MUA collection, mostly because I'm more of a lipstick addict (56 and counting!) However after falling in love with all of  the MUA palettes and coming across this particular one whilst browsing Ebay one night, I finally caved in and ordered it, and I can honestly say I wish I'd bought it sooner! I'd seen it a few months back but kept being put off buying it mostly because of how cheap it was and prefer to have a look at cosmetic items in person before committing to buying them. This cost me around £8.00 which included delivery and it turned up only two days after ordering, have to say I was pretty impressed! It came wrapped in mountains of bubble wrapped so nothing was damaged and a plastic sheet to stop any small amounts of fall out during shipment. You get 88 different shades of warm and neutral eye shadows, each of which are approximately around the size of a 1 pence piece. All of the shadows are either a matte or shimmer colour and for the price the pigmentation of them all are fantastic! It comes with a small mirror attatched and two small double sponge applicators. The only thing I'm not too keen on is the packaging itself, just a plain black plastic which is forever covered in fingerprints no matter how clean your hands are, but for the price I've payed I can't really complain!

Just a couple of photos of some of the looks this palette can give!

Overall, for the price I think this palette is an absolute must have! I now use this palette most days and because of how neutral the colours are I can mix, match and blend them together until my hearts content. The matte shades are brilliant for a natural day time look whilst the shimmer shades are great for blending to create a gorgeous look for nights out and even better with all the Chirstmas parties everyone will no doubt going to, who doesn't like a shimmery eye and bright red lip through the party season?! I would recommend this palette to everyone, however if you're used to using high end cosmetic products such as MAC, Bobbi Brown and Nars you may be slightly disappointed in the texture and pigmentation, but for the price you're paying I think everyone should have on in their make up collection!

Have you got this palette? What do you think?

Katrina xxx

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Nail of the day!

Hello, its been a while! I'm finally getting back into the world of blogging and I'm so excited! Thought I'd make my first post a nail of the day. I recently picked up a few nail polishes from the Accessorize cosmetics range whilst shopping in Superdrug a while ago and fell in love. This is particular polish is called 'Lolite' and I would say its a gunmetal grey metallic shade. I've worn it several times now and love that you need only one coat to get maximum full coverage with no streaks, and it drys so quickly! You literally need to sweep it over your nails, leave it for less than a minute until its dry and you're ready to go, perfect for a night out or for a quick pop of colour that doesn't look out of place during winter. Another thing I found with this particular range of nail polishes is that it has great staying power, I don't even need to use a top coat with these and find that are pretty good at being chip resistant. This polish retails for around £2.95 and are currently on offer in Superdrug on 3 for the price of 2 along the whole range of Accessorize cosmetics line, get stocked up girls!

Katrina xxx