Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Wanted them, needed them, got them!

Incase you didn't already know I'm absolutely obessed with heels and these pair of beauties finally arrived earlier this week after what felt like waiting forever! They are meant to be based on the Balenciaga Boots which Mary Kate Olsen was seen wearing  in Autumn 2006 which cost something ridiculous like $1,795.00! (I dont know what this is in UK terms but I know its well out of my price range ha!) However I managed to track these replica ones down on ebay from a seller in China for only £31.00 including delivery which I thought was an absolute bargain and couldn't resist getting them. These ones did take a little longer than my Lita ones too arrive but it was still only around two weeks, which does feel like forever when you really want them, but I still think they were worth the wait. The qaulity is amazing for the price of them and they are definatly going to be one of my staple winter boots and no doubt I will continue to wear them right through to next year. One thing I'm always weary of when buying heels is the grip and these boots have a fantastic one so there is no chance of slipping and sliding when the winter weather starts to get cold and wet or that little bit frosty. I would also say that the size guide is true to that of UK sizes and I ordered mine in a 6 which fit perfectly. I'm so pleased that I found these after spending what felt like forever browsing for a gorgeous winter heeled boot and I can't wait to wear them to death. I think they're going to look amazing with some super skinny jeans and oversized knitwear. If anyone would like to know the seller I got them from I'm more than happy to let you know, just drop me a comment or here or twitter and I will link you to the seller. I hope you like these as much as I do, what do you think?

Katrina xxx


  1. Love them! Pleaseee post an outfit picture wearing these :-)

    Holli x

  2. Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

    I want some :D



  3. Wowwww absolutely beaut!! I reallyyyy want them haha i'd love an OOTD with them :D