Monday, 21 November 2011

Topshop Wishlist #1

Images taken from Google and Topshop
I wish it was payday this friday instead of next! I am in love with all things Topshop at the moment, they have some gorgeous pieces in, not that the ones I want are within my spending range and then I wonder why when I get paid I'm always skint within a week haha! I've literally been sat browsing their website for the past 45 minutes and here are just of a few my favourites which no doubt I will end up buying come next week even when I know I'll complain not long after because I have no money, oh well!

1. Premium Gunmetal Spike Collar £60.00
2. Bronzer and Blush in Burning Embers £12.50
3. Vectra Studded Slippers £28.00
4. Drape Blouse £36.00
5. Faux Leather Skinny Trousers £32.00
6. Dalmation Print Satchel Bag £85.00
7. Lipstick in Pillow Talk £9.00
8. Lion Wedge Heel Ankle Strap Sandals £80.00

Katrina xxx


  1. i love the shoes and the top, they're soo pretty;)

  2. Love the blouse!

    Holli x

  3. ooh i love that bag it's gorgeous x

  4. Both pairs of those shoes are great! :)

    xx Jessica