Sunday, 6 November 2011

Label Lust - Acne

Hi everyone! I've been pulling my hair out trying to get this post edited and uploaded, its literally taken my around 4 days without something like my internet crashing or my laptop dying on me to get it done. Stressed wasn't even the word, but at least I've finally managed to get it sorted and posted. So I've been lusting over loads of different fashion labels at the minute and one of my favourites is Acne. I love how the pieces are so basic yet still make a statement. I'm obsessed with all of their boot collection and the dresses are so versatile and simple you can dress them both up for nights out and down for days shopping with the girls. They also have some gorgeous knitwear pieces which would look amazing teamed with some super skinny jeans and heeled black boots! As much as I love Acne I know I'll never in my life be able to afford even one pieces, unless of course I get saving and stop buying so many little pieces, either that or win the lottery.. a girl can dream!

1. Timber Ankle Boot £510.00
2. Everest Duffle Bag £250.00
3. Emile Silk Dress £380.00
4. Evans Dress £330.00
5. Gun Ankle Boot £340.00
6. Ruth Mohair Knitwear £180.00

Katrina xxx


  1. That yellow dress is amazing! Not that i have any fancy do's that i could wear it too!! haha but a girl can dream ;)

  2. those heels are amazinnng and that grey jumper is amazing!! great choices!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  3. I want that dress!! What a beauty!! Right...So I now need to find £380 haha!