Sunday, 16 October 2011

Wishlist #3

Haven't done a wishlist in a while so thought I'd share some pieces I clearly need in my life!

1. Topshop Sequin Tee £45 I seriously need this! Been looking at it for a while and just want payday to hurry up so I can invest! I can't believe how cheap it is considering the amount of detail and embellishment on it. I think this would look gorgeous with some super skinny leather look leggings and some stacked heels (hint the next few items also on this wishlist!)

2. AllSaints Perette Ashby Jeggings £70.00 I love this label so much but I never have money to buy the pieces I really want, like these high-shine effect jeggings. I think I need to stop wasting so much money on lots of cheap bits when I'm out shopping (and by this I mean buying from Primark) and instead start putting money aside and invest in key pieces which are going to last forever.

3. Alexander Wang Rocco Duffle  Bag £860 Yes I know, the price is absolutely ridiculous and I'm clearly never ever going to own this in my life but a girl can dream! However I have found a replica of this bag on ebay for under £30 and come pay day I will invest and nobody will need to know! (except you lovely followers of course!)

4. Miss Selfridge Pony Suede Chelsea Boot £85.00 Fell in love at first sight with this pair of beauties! As you know I am utterly obsessed with heels and once again these are on my shoe wishlist! Here is to hoping I can blag my parents to get me them for Christmas...

5. Topshop Lipstick 'Daredevil' £8.00 I love lipsticks, and last time I counted I had over 40 and it still my selection continues to grow! I love all shades of red lipsticks and this is another one I need to add to my make up collection. I love how its a dark statement shade, I think it would look great with the rest of my make up kept basic and quite natual. I'm thinking lots of mascara, highlighted cheekbones and hair tied up in messy top knot bun.

6. ASOS Double Spike Through Finger Ring £8.00 Really loving this ring and as there are a few other bits I'm wanting to order of ASOS I think I'll have to add this to my basket. I think it would look great when nails are painted a gorgeous blood red colour as well as being a real statement piece to add to any outfit. 

7. Topshop Multi Spikes Bangle £12.50 I have a massive thing about jewellery like this at the moment and have no idea why as its nothing something I would usually go for. I think its because its such an unusual statement pieces and allows you to wear a simple outfit and turn it into something amazing with the help of a few statement accessories like this one.

8. Topshop Nails in 'Daredevil' £5.00 A girl can never have too many nail varnishes and this shade is no exception, again it is in the shade Daredevil which is a gorgeous mixture of dark red and black, but it also has glossy glitter effect when it dries. 

I'm saying this is a wishlist even though I know I'll be buying quite a bit of the Topshop pieces when pay day comes around as I'm terrible at trying to save. Hope everyone is well and had a fab weekend!

Katrina xxx


  1. I love all the things on your wishlist, especially the bag & the shoes!


  2. Great stuff! I love the shirt and the shoes. :)

    xx Jessica

  3. omg wow! I LOVE that Alexander Wang bag, i was looking for a replica on eBay just last night, pleeeease post a link to the seller when you get it, would love to buy one too because i've been coveting that bag foreverrr but it would take me a lifetime to save up that money haha love the rings too, great wishlist! it's now all on my wishlist too haha you're a bad influence on me shopping-wise ;)

  4. I like the top! :) wow, 40 lipsticks?!?! How do you store them? aha xx

  5. I wanna wear all of this pieces at one time...This is like my dream outfit haha

    LoveFaye xoxo