Thursday, 20 October 2011

They're finally here!

Hi everyone! Firstly I'm so sorry about the awful photo quality but until I get myself a proper camera I'll be having to post photos off my Blackberry! But still, they're finally here! My replica Jeffrey Campbell Lita lace up platform boots and I actually am in love! I got these off a seller on Ebay and they cost me under £30, however they did have to get shipped from China, I was expecting them to take at least a month but they literally took about a week and a half to get here. The quality of the boot itself is fantastic for the price, and you'd never be able to tell they weren't the actual Jeffrey Campbell Lita. The only thing I'm disappointed about is the heel itself, its made off a weird material and I was expecting it to be wooden, but for £30 I'm really not going to let that put me off wearing these until my feet are aching haha! They're also ridiculously high, but because of the platform itself they're realistically probably only around 3 inches high instead of 5 (or so I keep telling myself haha!) Overall I'm so happy I had a little splurge and got myself them! Can't wait to wear them with super skinny jeans and a oversized sheer shirt. If you want to know the exact seller I got mine from send me a message on twitter (@_vivakatrina) and I'll be more than happy to send you the link. 

I'm sorry if I'm a bit down on the amount of posts I've been doing, its just down to working 30+ hours a week at work instead of my usual 16, its all money to buy more things to show you all though! I hope you are all still having a fab week!

Katrina xxx


  1. wowowow! LOVE them, going to DM you later for the seller so be prepared!! ;) haha

  2. Omg they look amazing - and such a bargain for £30.


  3. Wow these are gorgeous. Great bargain! :)

    xx Jessica

  4. B-E-A-U-tiful!! I want!!lol!!