Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Recent Buys #3

I haven't done as much spending as I usually do this month, down to being on holiday from work and there not being much overtime booo! However I have had some money put aside from bits I've been selling on ebay so I have had a couple of my cheeky shopping trips...

1. Gok for TU at Sainsburys Oversized Shirt £25.00 I'm rather obsessed with oversized shirts at the moment so when I saw this whilst at work I had to get it! It's absolutely gorgeous and the quality for the price is fantastic, not that we would expect anything less from Gok himself! I wear this with a belt round the middle and my Chelsea boots, and if I wore it on a night I would just swap the boots for a pair of killer heels and a statement necklace.

2. Jeffrey Campbell Lita £120.00 I've already done a little blog post on these so won't talk about them too much, all I want is for them to hurry up and get delivered! Oh and I haven't ordered the real ones, I found a seller on ebay that has a replica of these and I got them for less than £35.00! I'll let you know what they're like once they turn up as they're coming from China so are probably going to take forever.. However if you do want to know which seller I bought them from follow me on Twitter (@_vivakatrina) and I'll be more than happy to send you a direct message and tell you.

3. Primark Faux Fur Stole £6.00 I'm loving fur at the moment and when I saw this in Primark recently I just had to get it! I've been wearing it as a real statement piece over the top of my black Warehouse leather jacket  and even better is how warm it is, great for these cold winter days we're getting.

4. Topshop Cross Earrings £4.00 As soon as I saw these I just had to get them! I've been looking for a pair of cross earrings for ages but wasn't willing to pay the price some places were wanting for them... (yes I'm talking about you Urban Outfitters!) However the fact that these were only £4.00 I ended up buying two pairs! 

5. Impluse & Barry M Lipgloss Set £3.00 (Superdrug) These sets always seem to be on offer in Superdrug, I already have several but I love Impulse sprays so decided to get another one, and even better with the free Barry M Lipgloss thats worth £4.99!

6. Wool & Cashmere Fur Trim Coat £4.99 (Charity Shop) If you didn't already know, I love a bargain and I'm always searching in charity shops. I found this coat for only £4.99, however it wasn't until I got home and looked at the inside label and realised it was from House of Fraser just what a bargain I got! Its a wool and cashmere blend, and after looking on the internet I found it still on sale for the ridiculous price of... wait for it... £249.99! Safe to say this is quite possibly my bargain buy of the year haha! Can't wait for it be to dry cleaned so I can wear it.

7. Babyliss Bobby Pins £2.75 Boots I have really thick hair and recently got it all cut off, it was down past my waist and now it sits just on my shoulders. However even with all that length off these are still the only pins that seem to hold my hair in place, they're such a great price and I love how them come in a little plastic container so I never lose them unlike ones that just come on the bit of cardboard.

8. Gallery Lipstick in Coral Flame £1.00 Boyes Popped into Boyes as I needed to get a couple of bits from the Haberdashery section and came across these lipsticks in the make up bit. This isn't the packaging for the ones I got but its the closet I could find from the same brand. They retail at only £1.00 and I have the say for the price they are an absolute bargain! In fact I probably like these ones more than the MUA ones that retail for the same price. I picked up 4 shades including Coral Flame, Paris Pink, Shocker and Sugar Candy. They're also quite moisturising and they don't seem to dry out my lips which is an added bonus! I would definitely recommend giving these a go if you ever see them.

9. Mesh Insert Maxi Dress £13.99 Ebay My workplace are having a big formal party for our store since we will have been open exactly a year come the end of October. I already had a dress from Rare that I had planned on wearing but after seeing this one online for the price of just £13.99 I just couldn't say no! It's a gorgeous material and is fitted at the top and flowing a the bottom. Can't wait to wear it with a pair of killer heels and some bright red lipstick!

10. Topshop Triangle Earrings £6.50 I've been looking at these earrings for a while but didn't want to spend £6.50 on them, however Topshop now have a half price sale on and these were included so got them whilst buying the Cross earrings I mentioned earlier. 

Like I said I haven't bought a lot of clothing this month due to having very little money, but I am happy with the couple of bits I have got and can't wait to wear them all. Hope you're all well and you're having a fab week so far! 

Katrina xxx


  1. Ohh i love the lita's, cant wait to see a post about the ones you got!


  2. Love these items!! Those cross earrings look so cute and the shoes are amaaazing!!!


    LoveFaye xoxo

  3. That dress is AMAZING! Deffo blog or tweet a picture when you wear it :D So jealous of those shoes, i'm gonna need the seller off you if they're good quality ;) I have a fur stole from h&m last year and it jazzes up anything, love it :)