Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Recent Buys #1

Shopping and spending money that I really shouldn't is quite possibly one of my worst habits! Here are a few bits I've bought over the last couple of months...

001. Sheer Pleated Maxi Skirt (£16.99 Ebay) I have been loving sheer maxi skirts for ages now, and this is the third one in my growing collection! They're so versatile, and you can dress them both up for a night out, or down and casual during the day. I tend to wear mine with a basic vest or t-shirt and then glam it up with a few statement accessories.

002. Double Finger Cross Ring (£0.50 Dorethy Perkins) What an absolute bargain I got this for! I bought it at the full price when it first came out (Was £6.00 I think) however being worn so much the true colour was beginning to fade, must have been fate finding my size again when browsing in the sales! Couldn't resist picking it up again, and for the price you can't blame me really can you?

003. Barry M Lip Paint Shade 147 (£4.99) This lipstick is most definitely one of my all time favourites! Its a gorgeous peachy, pink colour and  I find it really rich and never drys out my lips (Which I haaaaate when some lipsticks do that!) And even better is the bargain price!

004. Topshop Trilby Hat (£5.00 reduced from £22.00) Another little bargain I find on another one of my shopping trips! I live in a small town so our Topshop always tends to have the best bargains when they have a sale on. Whenever I wear this I like to keep the rest of my outfit quite simple and try not to over accessorise.

005. MAC Fix+ Spray (£7.00 30ml) My 'I can't live without' product. It is actually fantastic! Once I have finished applying my make up, I put two spritz onto a clean make up sponge and lightly dab it all over my face. It quickly transforms your make up from looking matte and powdery, to a gorgeous dewy and healthy glow. I couldn't find the bigger size bottle online which is what I usually buy so I can't remember the exact price for 100ml. however this is the only the second bottle I've bought in just under 18 month. Some people say MAC products are quite pricey, but I feel you get what you pay for and a tiny amount of product goes a long way and can last sometimes what feels like forever!

006.Topshop Fringed Playsuit (£7.00 reduced from £35.00) Picked up this Playsuit the same time I got my Trilby hat and once again it was reduced down to next to nothing! I'm still yet to wear it, but when I do I'll wear it with some killer heels or ankle boots and a big statement necklace, with my hair tied in a messy top knot.

007. Gold Strappy Platform Heels (£7.00 reduced from £40.00 Dorethy Perkins) I had to look twice when I saw what these were reduced down to, and even worse is waiting for the sale assistant to see if they had them in my size! I'm a size 6 in shoes so whenever there is a sale on anything in that size tends to be gone before I've blinked, but to my surprise they had these in stock and I just had to have them! Wore them on a night out with the girls not so long back and got loads of compliments. They couldn't believe the price of them either!

Quite a few other bits to add yet but I'll leave them for another post because I'm beginning to ramble (for a change!) What have been your best bargain finds in the sales recently?

Katrina xxx


  1. Everything is amazing! I'm really tempted by the Mac Fix+, so cheaaaap for Mac, so you'd say it's definitely worth buying? :)
    That playsuit is AMAZING, you're a great blogger :)