Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Recent Buys #1

Shopping and spending money that I really shouldn't is quite possibly one of my worst habits! Here are a few bits I've bought over the last couple of months...

001. Sheer Pleated Maxi Skirt (£16.99 Ebay) I have been loving sheer maxi skirts for ages now, and this is the third one in my growing collection! They're so versatile, and you can dress them both up for a night out, or down and casual during the day. I tend to wear mine with a basic vest or t-shirt and then glam it up with a few statement accessories.

002. Double Finger Cross Ring (£0.50 Dorethy Perkins) What an absolute bargain I got this for! I bought it at the full price when it first came out (Was £6.00 I think) however being worn so much the true colour was beginning to fade, must have been fate finding my size again when browsing in the sales! Couldn't resist picking it up again, and for the price you can't blame me really can you?

003. Barry M Lip Paint Shade 147 (£4.99) This lipstick is most definitely one of my all time favourites! Its a gorgeous peachy, pink colour and  I find it really rich and never drys out my lips (Which I haaaaate when some lipsticks do that!) And even better is the bargain price!

004. Topshop Trilby Hat (£5.00 reduced from £22.00) Another little bargain I find on another one of my shopping trips! I live in a small town so our Topshop always tends to have the best bargains when they have a sale on. Whenever I wear this I like to keep the rest of my outfit quite simple and try not to over accessorise.

005. MAC Fix+ Spray (£7.00 30ml) My 'I can't live without' product. It is actually fantastic! Once I have finished applying my make up, I put two spritz onto a clean make up sponge and lightly dab it all over my face. It quickly transforms your make up from looking matte and powdery, to a gorgeous dewy and healthy glow. I couldn't find the bigger size bottle online which is what I usually buy so I can't remember the exact price for 100ml. however this is the only the second bottle I've bought in just under 18 month. Some people say MAC products are quite pricey, but I feel you get what you pay for and a tiny amount of product goes a long way and can last sometimes what feels like forever!

006.Topshop Fringed Playsuit (£7.00 reduced from £35.00) Picked up this Playsuit the same time I got my Trilby hat and once again it was reduced down to next to nothing! I'm still yet to wear it, but when I do I'll wear it with some killer heels or ankle boots and a big statement necklace, with my hair tied in a messy top knot.

007. Gold Strappy Platform Heels (£7.00 reduced from £40.00 Dorethy Perkins) I had to look twice when I saw what these were reduced down to, and even worse is waiting for the sale assistant to see if they had them in my size! I'm a size 6 in shoes so whenever there is a sale on anything in that size tends to be gone before I've blinked, but to my surprise they had these in stock and I just had to have them! Wore them on a night out with the girls not so long back and got loads of compliments. They couldn't believe the price of them either!

Quite a few other bits to add yet but I'll leave them for another post because I'm beginning to ramble (for a change!) What have been your best bargain finds in the sales recently?

Katrina xxx

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Superdrug Vitamin E Skin Care Range

Skin Care Review #1

From around the age of 12, I have always had really bad acne prone skin. I would say it has pretty much stayed the same for years (by years, I'm talking over a decade now.. scary stuff!) but for the past month I have been using the Superdrug Vitamin E Skin Care range along with some medication from the doctors and to my ever so happy delight its actually the only product that has started to give me a clear glowing complexion! It's still not perfect, but its 100 times better than it ever has been. And I mean to the point I'm no longer worrying about popping to the local shop without a face full of make up! I've always been dead weary of skin products as my skin is so sensitive, but this really is amazing, and at the price of the products, you really can't complain!

001. Superdrug Vitamin E Skin Care Oil 30ml (£2.99) I had heard great reviews about this product, so while it was on offer at just £1.99 I decided why not give it a go and I have to say it is now my favourite skin care product, ever! The oil contains vitamin E which is known for its strong antioxident properties.I use this every night after cleansing, toning and moisturising. I find that when I wake up the next morning my skin is soft, smooth, more radiant, and even better is any acne blemishes have been reduced. Really worth giving it a go!

002. Superdrug Vitamin E Night Cream 100ml (£2.99) As I have dry yet oily / acne prone skin I was a bit skeptical about buying a product that is so nourishing incase I had more breakouts. However after using the skin oil religiously and my skin continuing to improve, I decided to give it a go and switch from my usual 'Simple' night cream. This product claims to provide the following ''12 hour moisturisation. Naturally sourced Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant which not only revitalises and protects the skin, it also helps combat the damaging effects of free radicals and shields it against the environment''. And I have to say it does exactly what it says on the tub! You only need the smallest amount as it is so rich, and when I wake up in the morning I find my skin is beautifully smooth and ready for the day ahead. Again I really recommend this product if you haven't already tried it!

003. Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser 200ml (£3.99) I'm so so sooo excited to tell you about this product! Its actually a miracle in a bottle haha! It comes in large 200ml bottle as well as a muslin cloth for the bargain price of just £3.99! Now I haven't used the Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser, however I have heard this product is just as good for a fraction of the price. It has a lovely cocoa butter type scent which I wasn't expecting, but the itself is a gorgeous thick, creamy texture and is brilliant for removing all traces of make up at the end of a long day. The muslin cloth is comes with is what you would expect for the price, I decided to invest in some Liz Earle ones though as I've used them in the past, and these in combination with the cleanser give great results! I feel it leaves your skin refreshed and exfoilated with visible results. Overall I think its a brilliant product, even more so because of the price!

Bit a of a ramble on I know but I've really enjoyed using these products over the past month so I thought I would share my thoughts on them. Have you used any of the Superdrug Vitamin E Skin Care Range and what do you think?

Katrina xxx

Monday, 26 September 2011

Wishlist #1

A mixed variety of items as always with me! These are the kind of posts I will be doing on a weekly basis as my wishlist continues to grow... 

001. H&M Faux Leather Skirt (£19.99 I think!) I have been eyeing this little beauty up for a loooong time! And to my surprise I found it on ebay with the tags still in place.. and I managed to win it for £8! I plan on teaming it with a sheer shirt tucked in and a pair of really high heels or boots.

002. YSL Arty Oval Ring (£140.00 yikes!) This ring is such a statement piece and absolutely gorgeous! It comes in a variety of different colours, think my favourite has to be the turquoise stone though! A girl can dream...

003. Topshop Maccoy Black Chelsea Ankle Boots (£36.00) I have seen these around a lot, and I don't blame anyone for getting them! Such a gorgeous pair of boots and they can be dressed both up and down. I'm off to Edinburgh next week with my mam for a couple of days shopping and these are definitely on my list! Might have to get a pair of the heeled ones as well...

004. Models Own Nail Polish 'Peach Puff' (£5.00) Really loving this shade of varnish! It reminds me of a darker version of Barry M's 'Peach Melba'. Hopefully when I'm away next week I will be able to find it, if not I guess I'll have a order it online and try not to sneak a few other items in my basket!

005. New Look Leather Trim Shirt (£19.99) Had my eye on this shirt for a while, went online to order it last night and its out of stock boooo! Another item to add to my list next week! I've been loving sheer shirts for months now, and I think this one would look great tucked in high waisted skirts and killer heels on a night out, or teamed with super skinny jeans and a pair of ankle boots during the day.

006. River Island Semi Precious Necklace (£7.99 I think!) I think this is a such a gorgeous necklace, its so simple yet elegant. I love the way the chain has little gold beading running all the way up it, the extra bit of detailing makes it look far more expensive than it actually is.

I have so many more items on my wishlist however I will save them for next time. Hope you all enjoyed my recent picks! What items have been on your wishlist?

Katrina xxx

My first post!

I understand this may very well seem pointless but I feel a little introduction about myself was needed. I'm Katrina, a 23 year old north east girl (Durham to be precise!) with a love for fashion, style, mega high heels and all things beauty. Oh and I'm a little bit too obsessed with finding bargains on ebay as well as spending hours searching in vintage & charity shops! I'll mainly be posting about recent fashion finds and upcoming styles, hauls, outfits of the days and some reviews from the beauty side of the industry! Its only over the past few years that I have really started to gain an interest in the fashion industry, with the majority of my spare time I'm either out shopping spending money I really shouldn't be or spending hours browsing the internet looking at fashion websites and other bloggers pages and youtube videos. I'm still very new to the whole blogging world so I hope you keep checking back and enjoy reading my posts!

Katrina xxx