Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Wanted them, needed them, got them!

Incase you didn't already know I'm absolutely obessed with heels and these pair of beauties finally arrived earlier this week after what felt like waiting forever! They are meant to be based on the Balenciaga Boots which Mary Kate Olsen was seen wearing  in Autumn 2006 which cost something ridiculous like $1,795.00! (I dont know what this is in UK terms but I know its well out of my price range ha!) However I managed to track these replica ones down on ebay from a seller in China for only £31.00 including delivery which I thought was an absolute bargain and couldn't resist getting them. These ones did take a little longer than my Lita ones too arrive but it was still only around two weeks, which does feel like forever when you really want them, but I still think they were worth the wait. The qaulity is amazing for the price of them and they are definatly going to be one of my staple winter boots and no doubt I will continue to wear them right through to next year. One thing I'm always weary of when buying heels is the grip and these boots have a fantastic one so there is no chance of slipping and sliding when the winter weather starts to get cold and wet or that little bit frosty. I would also say that the size guide is true to that of UK sizes and I ordered mine in a 6 which fit perfectly. I'm so pleased that I found these after spending what felt like forever browsing for a gorgeous winter heeled boot and I can't wait to wear them to death. I think they're going to look amazing with some super skinny jeans and oversized knitwear. If anyone would like to know the seller I got them from I'm more than happy to let you know, just drop me a comment or here or twitter and I will link you to the seller. I hope you like these as much as I do, what do you think?

Katrina xxx

Monday, 21 November 2011

Topshop Wishlist #1

Images taken from Google and Topshop
I wish it was payday this friday instead of next! I am in love with all things Topshop at the moment, they have some gorgeous pieces in, not that the ones I want are within my spending range and then I wonder why when I get paid I'm always skint within a week haha! I've literally been sat browsing their website for the past 45 minutes and here are just of a few my favourites which no doubt I will end up buying come next week even when I know I'll complain not long after because I have no money, oh well!

1. Premium Gunmetal Spike Collar £60.00
2. Bronzer and Blush in Burning Embers £12.50
3. Vectra Studded Slippers £28.00
4. Drape Blouse £36.00
5. Faux Leather Skinny Trousers £32.00
6. Dalmation Print Satchel Bag £85.00
7. Lipstick in Pillow Talk £9.00
8. Lion Wedge Heel Ankle Strap Sandals £80.00

Katrina xxx

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Red & Black

Images taken from Google

1. ASOS Pieces Fina Suede Black Envelope Clutch Bag £32.00
2. Models Own Nail Varnish in Shade Black Magic £5.00
3. Ark Red and Black Leather Bustier Dress £29.00
4. Miss Selfridge Sparkle Pyramid to Spike Stud Earrings £7.50
5. MAC Lipstick in Hue £13.50
6. Topshop Lightening Peep Toe Wedges £75.00

Thought I would share a quick wish list post since it feels like I haven't done one in what feels like forever! If you read my blog regulary you will know I'm obsessed with leather at the moment and I can't wait for pay day so I can get my hands on this gorgeous dress! And even better it is an absolute bargain for under £30! My last pair of black wedges were ruined so I really want to invest in these ones from Topshop, I love the simple black design with gold detailing. The clutch is from ASOS and is just a simple black one which will go with practically any outfit whether its day or night, and the earrings caught my eye as soon as I saw them on the Miss Selfridge site, need these little gems (or should I say spikes) in my life! Of the black nail varnishes I have bought in the past I find they tend to go gloppy after a couple of uses, I think I might slurge a bit an get the Models Own one come the end of the month. And my all time favourite MAC lipstick in shade 'Hue' has practically all been used. This is one lipstick I tend to wear almost every single day even on top of other shades. Its so moisturing and perfect if you want just a gorgeous nude lip colour both day and night.

Katrina xxx

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Nail of the Day!

Just a quick post before I head off to work for the day! I picked this polish in the shade 'Angel Wings' which is from the Collection 2000 Hot Looks range a few weeks ago and I absolutely love it! I've worn it several times and you only need two coats and it drys so quickly and gives a high gloss finish. With ths product you can literally pop it on your nails, leave it a few minutes and be ready to go for the rest of day. Its a gorgeous light grey shade and I think its a perfect colour for winter, reminds me of those wonderful winter mornings. I find this polish only starts to fade away or chip after around 3 days and thats without using a top coat so no doubt if one was applied it would last even longer. For only £1.79 I think this product is an absolute bargain and a must have in every girls polish collection!

Katrina xxx

Monday, 14 November 2011

Review - MUA Heaven and Earth Palette

Swatch (From top left of palette to bottom right)

I've been wanting this product for ages now but every time I went to purchase it, it was always out of stock. Luckily managed to bag myself the last one last time I was out shopping and it is actually amazing! Since buying it I've literally worn it every single day and they blend together perfectly. It retails at £4.00 and can be purchased from Superdrug both online and instore, and you get 12 different neutral shades which I think is fantastic value for 12 seperate eyeshadows that are so pigmentated and beautiful (And all that for under a fiver!) Within the palette itself there are a mixture of highlight shadows, crease shadows and other shades that you can sweep over your entire lid enabling you to create so many different looks for both daytime and evening wear. I also use some of the darker brown shades to fill in my eyebrows and the colour lasts all day. One thing I would say is that if you prefer a matt finish with eyeshadows then this palette would probably be no be good for you as these do tend to have quite a shimmer finish. When it comes to eye makeup I only ever tend wear neutral shades so I had been looking into investing into the Urban Decay Naked Palette and I ca honestly sayI'm so glad I got my hands on this one first as I've saved a fortune (which I can now spend on more shoes of course!) Overall I think this product is absolutly amazing and such a fantastic price, I've had no problems with the any of the shadows crumbling or having lots of fall out when applying any of the shades. If you haven't already got your hands on this little beauty I would definatly recommend hitting your local Superdrug and grabbing one!

Thanks for reading and hope you are all well and have a fab week!

Katrina xxx

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Recent Buys #4

Images taken from Google

Hi everyone! It feels like agessss since I last did a post and it more than likley has been! Been so busy working ridiculous hours and earlier this week I went to Leeds for a few days to catch up with my best friends, hectic last week or so to say the least. And even on top of all that I still some how managed to squeeze in a bit of shopping and treat myself, just for a change of course...

1. Topshop PU Panel Knickers (I still say shorts!) £20.00
2. MUA Heaven and Earth Palette £4.00
3. Balenciaga Replica Boots £25.00 (Ebay)
4. Topshop Spike Earrings £2.50 (Reduced from £12.50)
5. Revlon Beyond Natural Smoothing Primer £2.50 (Leeds Indoor Market)
6. Topshop Lip Marker in 'Berry' £6.00
7. Topshop Eye Spike Brooch £3.50 (Reduced from £10.00)
8. Yankee Candle Tartlette in 'Vanilla Cupcake' £1.20

I'm still in two minds about keeping the shorts, think once I get back into running again and get my legs toned up I'll never have them off. I had been searching for the MUA Heaven and Earth palette for weeks but every time I went into my local Superdrug that stocked the professional line it was never in stock, luckily managed to bag myself the last one on the shelf late last week and I've used it every day! The colours are amazing and I'll be posting a review within the next couple of days so keep an eye out. The jewellerypieces I got from Topshop I had been eying up for a while but refused to pay the original price, couldnt resist getting these as well as many more other bits in the sale, and at the same time I decided to give the lip marker a go too. I've only used it once and I'm still undecided whether or not I like it, I find it to be slightly watery and was expecting to give a more matt finish. I'm going to give it a few more trys over the next few weeks before I completly make my mind up on whether I like it or not. I spotted the Revlon Primer whilst out with the girls round Leeds earlier this week, I've always used the Boots No7 Shine Away Primer over the last few years but the past few weeks its been really drying my skin out so when I spotted this new one for the bargain price of £2.50 I thought I would give it a go. I've used it every day since I got it and its amaaaazing! I really wish I had got another 5 bottles haha! It gives such a lovely finish when you apply your foundation and I've found my skin is nowhere near as oily as it has been since I started applying it. If you come across it and haven't already tried it I would highly recommend this to anyone with oily or combination skin! And lastly something not fashion or beauty related is my ever growing love for Yankee Candles! Obessesed is not even the word, I've bought about 15 oil tartlettes within the last week, mostly in lots of Christmas Scents, although the Vanilla Cupcake will always be my favourite!

Katrina xxx

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Label Lust - Acne

Hi everyone! I've been pulling my hair out trying to get this post edited and uploaded, its literally taken my around 4 days without something like my internet crashing or my laptop dying on me to get it done. Stressed wasn't even the word, but at least I've finally managed to get it sorted and posted. So I've been lusting over loads of different fashion labels at the minute and one of my favourites is Acne. I love how the pieces are so basic yet still make a statement. I'm obsessed with all of their boot collection and the dresses are so versatile and simple you can dress them both up for nights out and down for days shopping with the girls. They also have some gorgeous knitwear pieces which would look amazing teamed with some super skinny jeans and heeled black boots! As much as I love Acne I know I'll never in my life be able to afford even one pieces, unless of course I get saving and stop buying so many little pieces, either that or win the lottery.. a girl can dream!

1. Timber Ankle Boot £510.00
2. Everest Duffle Bag £250.00
3. Emile Silk Dress £380.00
4. Evans Dress £330.00
5. Gun Ankle Boot £340.00
6. Ruth Mohair Knitwear £180.00

Katrina xxx

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Trend: Leather

Hi everyone! So sorry I haven't done a post in ages, been so busy at work as well as feeling sorry myself as I've caught the dreaded winter flu that has been going around! So before I drag myself off to bed in time for a full day at work tomorrow feeling awful and just wanting to sleep forever I thought I would do a quick post on one of my favourite fashion trends this autumn and winter, anything and everything leather! Whether its a pair of gorgeous skinny leather trousers teamed with a loose fit shirt and some killer heels, to casual leather shorts teamed with a gorgeous knitwear jumper, a pair of tights and some brouges, I love it all and just cant get enough! I've put together a little selection of my favourite pieces from the high street, ranging from real leather to fantastic lookalikes using faux leather and PU fabric. Whatever your taste and whatever your price range, there is no reason to not go mad for this look. Hope you guys love this trend as much as I do!

1. Leather Bodice Printed Dress** Miss Selfridge £120.00
2. Faux Leather Skinny Trousers Topshop £32.00
3. Faux Leather Skirt H&M £19.99
4. Wet Look One Shoulder Dress Miss Selfridge £50.00
5. Black Leather Shorts Miss Selfridge £65.00
6. Leather Leopard Metal Buckle Satchel ASOS £80.00

Katrina xxx

Friday, 28 October 2011


I'm like a magpie when it comes to all things shiny and it comes as no surprise that I'm absolutely loving this seasons latest looks featuring all things glitter! Whether its 'stop and stare' mini sequin dresses, to the 'casual meets on trend' metallic loose tops or over the top statement platforms! And with the Christmas party season quickly reaching us, a girl can never have too much sparkle, can she?

1. Alexander McQueen Clutch £1,230.00 
2. Kurt Geiger Enautre Heels £130.00
3. Topshop Sequin Tee £45.00
4. French Connection Gold Samantha Sequin Dress £165.00
5. Miss Selfridge Beaded Fabric Collar £14.00
6. Topshop Metallic Scallop Vest £20.00
7. Miss Selfridge Double Prism Spike Gold Ring £6.50
8. Topshop Sequin Collar Shirt £36.00
9. Miss Selfridge Sequin Top Bodice £32.00

I know I'll never own the Alexander McQueen clutch but a girl can dream! I've also sorted through my wardrobe and have ridiculous amounts of sheer shirts, so I'm going to have a look in my local haberdashery store and see if I can find some sequin material to make my own version of the Topshop sequin collar shirt. I'll do a post when I get round to it. Hope you're all well and have a fab weekend!

Katrina xxx

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Label Lust: Aqua Couture

I've always loved the style of Aqua Couture pieces and the above pictures show just a handful of my favourites at the moment. I love the structured, quirky style with different patterns and colours ranging from amazing statement dresses to seperate quirky pieces as well as gorgeous accessories. They have a fantastic website and you can also order from ASOS. I think a lot of the designs are made for more high end occasions but I love how they have even designed simple pieces that can be worn on nights out with the girls in town! The pricing for the above items from left to right are as follows...

1. Black Flapper Maxi Dress £170.00
2. Rust Embellished Lobster Dress £145.00
3. Rust Perseus Dress £165.00
4. Christy Mini Dress £85.00

As well as these gorgeous dresses Aqua also design some amazing one pieces items, my current favourites include the 'Pam Maxi Skirt', 'Rory Shirt' and the 'Sunrise Maxi Skirt'. I really wish I had the money to buy one of everything! But hey, a girl can dream though, right?

Katrina xxx

Monday, 24 October 2011

Black & Gold

I've been so busy at work over the past week! The next two weeks are going to be a killer, working almost 50 hours each week compared to my usual 16 but I am going to try my best to do a post at least every two days to make up for not doing them more often. I'm also off to Leeds in a couple of weeks with a few friends so I'm trying to to spend money and have a huge splurge whilst I'm down there (hint the ridiculous hours I'm working!) Now on to todays post! I am pretty much obsessed with almost everything in Topshop at the moment and I'm on the website almost every day browsing and wishing I had money to buy everything! So I thought I would show you an outfit using the items I've had my eye on and really want to add to my wardrobe. I'm loving black and cream pieces of clothing, as well as lots of black and gold jewellery, so here are a few of my wishlist items, hope you like them as much as I do!

So many more items I really like but I'll do another couple of posts during the week showing them. Have you got any Topshop favourites instore or online at the minute? If so leave a comment and let me know as I would love to have a look! Hope everyone is well had a fab weekend!

Katrina xxx

Thursday, 20 October 2011

They're finally here!

Hi everyone! Firstly I'm so sorry about the awful photo quality but until I get myself a proper camera I'll be having to post photos off my Blackberry! But still, they're finally here! My replica Jeffrey Campbell Lita lace up platform boots and I actually am in love! I got these off a seller on Ebay and they cost me under £30, however they did have to get shipped from China, I was expecting them to take at least a month but they literally took about a week and a half to get here. The quality of the boot itself is fantastic for the price, and you'd never be able to tell they weren't the actual Jeffrey Campbell Lita. The only thing I'm disappointed about is the heel itself, its made off a weird material and I was expecting it to be wooden, but for £30 I'm really not going to let that put me off wearing these until my feet are aching haha! They're also ridiculously high, but because of the platform itself they're realistically probably only around 3 inches high instead of 5 (or so I keep telling myself haha!) Overall I'm so happy I had a little splurge and got myself them! Can't wait to wear them with super skinny jeans and a oversized sheer shirt. If you want to know the exact seller I got mine from send me a message on twitter (@_vivakatrina) and I'll be more than happy to send you the link. 

I'm sorry if I'm a bit down on the amount of posts I've been doing, its just down to working 30+ hours a week at work instead of my usual 16, its all money to buy more things to show you all though! I hope you are all still having a fab week!

Katrina xxx

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Recent Buys #3

I haven't done as much spending as I usually do this month, down to being on holiday from work and there not being much overtime booo! However I have had some money put aside from bits I've been selling on ebay so I have had a couple of my cheeky shopping trips...

1. Gok for TU at Sainsburys Oversized Shirt £25.00 I'm rather obsessed with oversized shirts at the moment so when I saw this whilst at work I had to get it! It's absolutely gorgeous and the quality for the price is fantastic, not that we would expect anything less from Gok himself! I wear this with a belt round the middle and my Chelsea boots, and if I wore it on a night I would just swap the boots for a pair of killer heels and a statement necklace.

2. Jeffrey Campbell Lita £120.00 I've already done a little blog post on these so won't talk about them too much, all I want is for them to hurry up and get delivered! Oh and I haven't ordered the real ones, I found a seller on ebay that has a replica of these and I got them for less than £35.00! I'll let you know what they're like once they turn up as they're coming from China so are probably going to take forever.. However if you do want to know which seller I bought them from follow me on Twitter (@_vivakatrina) and I'll be more than happy to send you a direct message and tell you.

3. Primark Faux Fur Stole £6.00 I'm loving fur at the moment and when I saw this in Primark recently I just had to get it! I've been wearing it as a real statement piece over the top of my black Warehouse leather jacket  and even better is how warm it is, great for these cold winter days we're getting.

4. Topshop Cross Earrings £4.00 As soon as I saw these I just had to get them! I've been looking for a pair of cross earrings for ages but wasn't willing to pay the price some places were wanting for them... (yes I'm talking about you Urban Outfitters!) However the fact that these were only £4.00 I ended up buying two pairs! 

5. Impluse & Barry M Lipgloss Set £3.00 (Superdrug) These sets always seem to be on offer in Superdrug, I already have several but I love Impulse sprays so decided to get another one, and even better with the free Barry M Lipgloss thats worth £4.99!

6. Wool & Cashmere Fur Trim Coat £4.99 (Charity Shop) If you didn't already know, I love a bargain and I'm always searching in charity shops. I found this coat for only £4.99, however it wasn't until I got home and looked at the inside label and realised it was from House of Fraser just what a bargain I got! Its a wool and cashmere blend, and after looking on the internet I found it still on sale for the ridiculous price of... wait for it... £249.99! Safe to say this is quite possibly my bargain buy of the year haha! Can't wait for it be to dry cleaned so I can wear it.

7. Babyliss Bobby Pins £2.75 Boots I have really thick hair and recently got it all cut off, it was down past my waist and now it sits just on my shoulders. However even with all that length off these are still the only pins that seem to hold my hair in place, they're such a great price and I love how them come in a little plastic container so I never lose them unlike ones that just come on the bit of cardboard.

8. Gallery Lipstick in Coral Flame £1.00 Boyes Popped into Boyes as I needed to get a couple of bits from the Haberdashery section and came across these lipsticks in the make up bit. This isn't the packaging for the ones I got but its the closet I could find from the same brand. They retail at only £1.00 and I have the say for the price they are an absolute bargain! In fact I probably like these ones more than the MUA ones that retail for the same price. I picked up 4 shades including Coral Flame, Paris Pink, Shocker and Sugar Candy. They're also quite moisturising and they don't seem to dry out my lips which is an added bonus! I would definitely recommend giving these a go if you ever see them.

9. Mesh Insert Maxi Dress £13.99 Ebay My workplace are having a big formal party for our store since we will have been open exactly a year come the end of October. I already had a dress from Rare that I had planned on wearing but after seeing this one online for the price of just £13.99 I just couldn't say no! It's a gorgeous material and is fitted at the top and flowing a the bottom. Can't wait to wear it with a pair of killer heels and some bright red lipstick!

10. Topshop Triangle Earrings £6.50 I've been looking at these earrings for a while but didn't want to spend £6.50 on them, however Topshop now have a half price sale on and these were included so got them whilst buying the Cross earrings I mentioned earlier. 

Like I said I haven't bought a lot of clothing this month due to having very little money, but I am happy with the couple of bits I have got and can't wait to wear them all. Hope you're all well and you're having a fab week so far! 

Katrina xxx

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Wishlist #3

Haven't done a wishlist in a while so thought I'd share some pieces I clearly need in my life!

1. Topshop Sequin Tee £45 I seriously need this! Been looking at it for a while and just want payday to hurry up so I can invest! I can't believe how cheap it is considering the amount of detail and embellishment on it. I think this would look gorgeous with some super skinny leather look leggings and some stacked heels (hint the next few items also on this wishlist!)

2. AllSaints Perette Ashby Jeggings £70.00 I love this label so much but I never have money to buy the pieces I really want, like these high-shine effect jeggings. I think I need to stop wasting so much money on lots of cheap bits when I'm out shopping (and by this I mean buying from Primark) and instead start putting money aside and invest in key pieces which are going to last forever.

3. Alexander Wang Rocco Duffle  Bag £860 Yes I know, the price is absolutely ridiculous and I'm clearly never ever going to own this in my life but a girl can dream! However I have found a replica of this bag on ebay for under £30 and come pay day I will invest and nobody will need to know! (except you lovely followers of course!)

4. Miss Selfridge Pony Suede Chelsea Boot £85.00 Fell in love at first sight with this pair of beauties! As you know I am utterly obsessed with heels and once again these are on my shoe wishlist! Here is to hoping I can blag my parents to get me them for Christmas...

5. Topshop Lipstick 'Daredevil' £8.00 I love lipsticks, and last time I counted I had over 40 and it still my selection continues to grow! I love all shades of red lipsticks and this is another one I need to add to my make up collection. I love how its a dark statement shade, I think it would look great with the rest of my make up kept basic and quite natual. I'm thinking lots of mascara, highlighted cheekbones and hair tied up in messy top knot bun.

6. ASOS Double Spike Through Finger Ring £8.00 Really loving this ring and as there are a few other bits I'm wanting to order of ASOS I think I'll have to add this to my basket. I think it would look great when nails are painted a gorgeous blood red colour as well as being a real statement piece to add to any outfit. 

7. Topshop Multi Spikes Bangle £12.50 I have a massive thing about jewellery like this at the moment and have no idea why as its nothing something I would usually go for. I think its because its such an unusual statement pieces and allows you to wear a simple outfit and turn it into something amazing with the help of a few statement accessories like this one.

8. Topshop Nails in 'Daredevil' £5.00 A girl can never have too many nail varnishes and this shade is no exception, again it is in the shade Daredevil which is a gorgeous mixture of dark red and black, but it also has glossy glitter effect when it dries. 

I'm saying this is a wishlist even though I know I'll be buying quite a bit of the Topshop pieces when pay day comes around as I'm terrible at trying to save. Hope everyone is well and had a fab weekend!

Katrina xxx

Friday, 14 October 2011

Lita Love

If you don't already know, I have a serious addiction with shoes and it scares me to think I have three huge boxes under my bed full of them as well as the whole top and bottom of my wardrobes bursting with all colours, designs and heights! However I've been absolutely loving Jeffery Campbell Litas and after months of debating whether or not to invest in a pair I finally gave in. I've ordered a pair in the Black Calf design (because a girl can never have too many shoes!) I love how that there is a huge variety of different colours, textures and designs you can choose from, its no wonder girls are going mad for them! I know they wont be to everyones taste but I actually can't wait until they turn up in the post so I can wear them with just about everything. There is no doubt about the fact I am going to have to save and invest in several more pairs...

Katrina xxx

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Label lust: Monki

Hi guys hope you're all well! Thought I would share my label lust for this week with you all and I really can't express how much I've fallen in love with Monki recently! I love how their pieces are so casual yet you can still add accessories to dress them up however you like. I'm also not one for buying clothes in really bright colours, I tend to stick to darker basics and dress them up with accessories and a pair of statement shoes. Another thing I absolutely love about this brand is the price, they're so affordable and they have so many pieces that everyone can afford whatever your budget! The only downside for me is the only place I know of where you can buy Monki is at Selfridges in London (bit too far away for me to go booo!), however you can order online ( and the shipping is really cheap! I've picked out a few of my favourite items from their website after spending hours yesterday drooling over all them and wanting to buy just about everything! I absolutely love the grey cape with the leather pocket detailing and I know I'm going to buy this no matter how much I'm trying to save!

So heres a small sample of my favourites from left...

1. Gloria 30 Euro
2. Alexandra Top 25 Euro
3. Johanna Blouse 40 Euro
4. Mono Shoes 60 Euro
5. Annabel Skirt 30 Euro

Although the items are based on euro prices when converted they really are such a great affordable price, and with shipping only costing six euros I think I will definiately be buying a few items too add to my wardobe sooner rather than later! Is anyone else lusting over this brand as much as I am?!

Katrina xxx

Monday, 10 October 2011

J is for Jumpers

With winter coming so quickly this year and both the days and nights getting colder, we all want to get wrapped up and stay cosy. This seasons knitwear selection is absolutely gorgeous, and these high street finds are amazing and all for under £50! For the great quality our high street fashion stores give us you can't beat that kind of bargain. Its to the point where you see a gorgeous winter piece and are like 'I WANT TO WEAR THIS RIGHT NOW!' There are so many varieties of knitwear to choose from as well, from cable knits to oversized v necks, outrageous prints and gorgeous faux fur trim pieces (loads of smiles for not hurting fluffy cuddly animals!). These jumpers are some of my favourites and I never thought I would say this as I'm a huge Spring and Summer season person, but bring on the cold winter days and nights so I have an excuse to go out and buy them all! 

From top left to bottom right...

1. Topshop Knitted Stripe Mohair Jumper £42.00
2. Miss Selfridge Sweetie Boucle Batwing Jumper £37.00
3. Miss Selfridge Pebble Stripe Chunky Jumper £36.00
4. River Island Beige Fisherman Swing Jumper £35.00
5. River Island Grey Kimono Sleeve Faux Fur Trim Swing Jumper £40.00
6. Warehouse Bardot Knit Jumper £45.00

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying searching for gorgeous winter pieces as much as I am!

Katrina xxx

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Recent Buys #2

Hi everyone! Haven't done any posts for a few days because I've been away to Edinburgh with my mam for a few days shopping. Had a great time despite the fact the weather was absolutely ridiculous! It was sooo cold and I've never seen rain so heavy in my life! Saying this I spent a small fortune (I'd been putting some of my wages away for the past few months!) so I got quite a few bits and bobs. Found some right bargains in the sales and I also took my mam to Harvey Nichols and she is no longer a MAC Cosmetic virgin wooooo! Anyway here's a few of my favourite bits I got whilst I was away, hope you like them!

001. Barry M Nail Paint in Raspberry (£2.99 Superdrug) I think I can speak for everyone when I say Barry M nail paints are amazing! This is one of my favourite shades along with 'Peach Melba' so decided to pick up another bottle as my older one is just about empty. I love that with these nail paints you very rarely need to do more than one coat as they're so pigmenated, where as some other brands you need to put two or three coats on to get a colour close to the shade of the bottle itself.

002. Collection 2000 Cream Puff in Powder Puff & Fairy Cake (£2.99 each Superdrug) I decided to give these a go after seeing Angie ( do a review on them, and I absolutely love them! I love the way they feel when you apply them. Its like a smooth cream, not sticky like you get with the majority of lip glosses! The colours they give on your lips are also great! 'Powder Puff' is a gorgeous nude matt colour and I would say that 'Fairy Cake' is a gorgeous rich pink colour with a few reddish undertones. However, although I do adore both shades, I do find them a bit disappointing in the way they are labeled 'moisturising', I found that after an hour or so they tend to go quite dry and a bit chapped so you do need to keep reapplying. Overall for £2.99 and if you don't mind having to reapply a coat of your colour every now and then I would say this is definitely a product worth trying!

003. Collection 2000 Hot Looks Nail Polish Shade 50 (£1.79 Superdrug) Also picked up this nail varnish along with the other little bits and bobs I got in Superdrug. I seem to be wearing a lot of darker nail colours recently, I think it's because we're coming into winter! I'm yet to try this on so I can't say what its going to be like, however I've tried other colours in this range and two coats usually give you a great true colour to the shade of the bottle, and for only £1.79 I think its a bargain!

004. Miss Selfridge Red Pussybow Dress (£15.00 reduced from £28.00) I was debating or not whether to get this when it was full price, so when I went to the Miss Selfridge store in Edinburgh and saw it was in the sale I couldn't resist! I love the gorgeous chiffon pussybow detail around the neckline, and the colour of the whole dress is a beautiful red with bits of burgundy mixed in. Can't wait to wear this little number!

005. Dorethy Perkins Terracotta 50s Georgette Dress (£12.00 reduced from £39.50) I picked up this little bargain for my friends wedding over the weekend (even though I had already bought two dresses previous for it!) It's so nice on and the little black belt that comes with it helps to pull in your waist and give you that gorgeous hourglass figure. I'm going to wear it with some black heels and a little black clutch.

006. Topshop Faux Leather Dress (£7.00 reduced from £48.00) Yes, I know. I couldn't believe the price I got it for either haha! I'm not to sure what I'm going to wear it with yet but I do think it will look great with my black Chelsea boots and my hair in a messy top knot. I'll do an 'Outfit of the Day' post when I finally get round to wearing it.

007. Nine West Black Genevive Heels (£19.00 reduced from £95.00) Yet another pair of heels to add to my ever growing collection! I feel in love with these the moment I saw them, they're gorgeous! They're a leather platform and have a stunning chunky metallic heel. I've already worn them a couple of times and not once have they had my feet hurting. So glad I bought them! 

008. NEXT 'Adore' 100ml Eau De Toilette (£10.00 Next) I can honestly say I never thought of ever looking in Next for perfume but I'm glad I spotted this whilst my mam was in the changing rooms. I usually wear Kate Moss 'Kate' but fancied a change so I thought for £10 why not give it a go! It's a gorgeous fruity and floral scent, I think it almost smells like peaches as weird as that sounds, but it is lovely and it lasts as well which I love! 

I got quite a few other bits but these are my favourites which I thought I would share with you all, I hope everyone is well and have had a fab weekend!

Katrina xxx

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Wishlist #2

001. Topshop PU Pencil Rib Side Skirt £36.00 I really love pencil skirts, and having an hourglass shape myself its the style that will hug my curves in all the right places! I think it would look great with a tucked in sheer blouse and a belt to help pull in the waist even more.

002. Topshop PISA Banana Heeled Chelsea Boots £120.00 I absolutely love Chelsea boots, and these heeled version are to die for! I would team them with some super skinny jeans and a basic loose fit white or grey t shirt and a statement necklace.

003. Miss Selfridge Ladder Boho Cardi £42.00 As winter is well and truely starting to come I think its about time I invest in something snug and warm! Saw this cardigan whilst having a browse on the Miss Selfridge website and I neeeeed to have it! I love the colours and the long baggy sleeves. It will look great teamed with jeans and a basic t shirt, as well as little dresses and thick black tights!

004. Miss Selfridge Layered Waist Belt £14.00  Also saw this belt whilst having a look on the website. I tend to only own skinny belts and love how this one is a bit different! I think it would look great worn with a little black dress to help pull in my waist and show off my hourglass figure.

005. French Connection Skull Bird Ring £18.00 (ASOS) I've been wanting a bird skull ring for ages now and this is the first one I have found that isn't ridiculously priced! However I do think £18.00 is expensive for my purse haha! If anyone knows where I can find one even cheaper let me know otherwise I think I may have to just treat myself...

006. ASOS Peter Pan Leather Collar £15.00 I'm obsessed with collars on everything at the moment! Really love this leather look one and think it would look great teamed with high neck vests, basic t shirts, a pair of super skinny jeans and killer heels.

007. River Island Black Oversized Padlock Bag £50.00 I saw this whilst browsing in my local River Island store last week and I can't get it off my mind! The photo really doesn't do it justice, I'm off to Edinburgh tomorrow for a few days shopping so I think I might try and persuade my mam to buy me it (well a girl can try!)

Like I said over the next few days I'll be busy in Edinburgh shopping and won't be taking my laptop with me so I won't be posting for a few days. However when I'm back I'll do a post on any bits that I end up buying! Hope you are all well!

Katrina xxx

Sunday, 2 October 2011

September Favourites

Haven't done as much spending this month compared to my usual splurges! Mainly down to the fact I've had barely any overtime at work and my basic wage on 16 hours a week is next to nothing after bills have been paid! However I did get a couple of bits, some are products I buy on a regular basis and others are ones I've been looking at for a while and decided to treat myself.

001. St Moriz Tan Lotion (£2.99 Bodycare) I've been using the dark mouse version of this fake tan for the past 18 months now and I still cant get enough of it! When they brought out the lotion version of this I thought I'd give it a go, and I've never never gone back to using the mouse since. Although its only the regular colour instead of dark, I personally think the lotion gives a better finish and doesn't leave any horrible patches when it fades because its quite moisturising (as well as the fact I moisturise vigorously every night before bed!) If I ever want to boost the colour and make it dark I just re-apply the lotion over a few days instead of once a week. Overall its my saviour when it comes to fake tan and its always on my monthly essentials, and for the price you can't complain!

002. Boots Latex Free Cosmetic Sponge Wedges (£1.75) These are another one of my beauty product essentials and buy a pack every month! I tend to only need to use one sponge a week, and wash them using my MAC Brusher Cleanser every time they've been used. After a week I tend to throw one away and start using a new one, which might seem like a bit of a waste but when I've got skin as bad as mine I like to keep things as clean as possible! I use these particular wedge sponges for applying my MAC Fix + Spray once I have applied all my make up. I wet the sponge in hot water first and squeeze out any excess so the sponge softens, then I put two spritz of the Fix + on to the sponge and dab all over my face to help set my make up and keep it in place. 

003. Neutrogena Deep Clean Daily Cleanser (£4.19 Boots) If you read my earlier post on my skin care review you will know that I have really bad, acne and spot prone skin. I'm always very cautious when it comes to buying skin products as I don't want anything to aggravate it too much and end up causing more breakouts than I already get. However this was on offer when I bought it so I thought I would give it a go and so far its been brilliant! In fact I would say it has helped clear a few blemishes that were starting to appear. I think one of my favourite parts about this product is the fact is doesn't leave your skin feeling horrible and tight unlike a lot of spot fighting cleansers. I'm going to continue using this over the next 6 weeks or so and then give a proper review and see if it really has made a difference to my skin.

004. The Bodyshop Mango Body Butter (£12.50) If I'm completely honest, I've never been one to go into The Bodyshop much as I think the prices are a bit expensive, well for me anyway! However whilst having a cheeky look around The Metrocentre I saw that their Body Butters were all half price, and after reading such great reviews on other bloggers posts I thought I would treat myself to one (Well actually I ended up getting two because my dad was lovely and also got me one!) I have really bad dry skin on the front of my legs, so I decided to go for the Mango tub, which also smells like Solero ice cream which is  added bonus! It was only when I got home and decided to use some before going to bed that I can understand why they are so expensive. They are so rich and full of oil, and you only need the tiniest amount to moisturise all over! I've only been using this product for the past few days but already it does feel like the texture of the skin on my legs is improving. Although I still think £12.50 is expensive, if it continues to improve how my legs look and feel I will definitely be investing again! This is without a doubt a product I would recommend everyone to try if they get the chance to. 

005. Superdrug Vitamin E Skin Oil  30ml (£2.99)  Yes I know, once again I'm raving about this product haha! It really is amaaaazing though! It retails at the price of £2.99 however all of the Superdrug Vitamin E range is on offer and this Skin Oil is currently only £1.99 so I've stocked up on quite a few bottles. I use this every night after my usual skin routine without fail, and in the morning I wake up and my skin is left feeling super soft, moisturised and glowing. I thought with it being quite rich it would aggravate my skin and cause breakouts, but in fact due to the goodness that Vitamin E has for skin it has improved it so much. If you haven't already tried this get down to your local Superdrug store and give it a go, you'll know exactly what I mean once you have started using it!

006. Carmex Lip Balm Tube 10g (£2.00 Sainsbury's) I had never used carmex before buying it last week after finishing a shift at work. I had heard great reviews about it so I thought for £2.00 (And using my staff discount card and getting it even cheaper) I would give it a go. I've tried various lip balms in the past but this is now the one I will continue to buy. It comes a little 10g tube which is perfect to keep in my bag all day when I'm out, and you only need to apply the smallest amount. The balm is quite thick but its not too much, and it leaves lips feeling soft and smooth with a gorgeous tingling sensation (I wasn't expecting this but absolutely love it!) It has a lovely smell to it too, I don't quite know how to describe it. I'm not sure if it would be to everyone's taste but its another reason as to why I'll be buying another tube once the one I'm using now runs out. I love how this is such a cheap, affordable product that everyone can have and yet it still gives great results every time.

Hope everyone is well and have been making the most of the gorgeous heatwave we've had over the past few days!

Katrina xxx

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Addicted to ebay...

If you don't already, I am far too addicted to ebay! I can spend hours and hours searching for little bargains and not even realise that times gone by... quite sad really but it really is such a bad weakness of mine. Thought I would share with you my latest buys for September, even though I'm still waiting on a couple of bits to turn up in post!

001. Lipsy Grecian Contrast Dress I was so surprised when I found this and it only had 2 bids on it! It still had the tags attached too, decided to bid and managed to win it for less than £10 (the RRP for this dress was something like £55 or £60!) I do really like it and couldn't believe it even fit me! I find that Lipsy dress sizes ten to about two sizes smaller than they are in reality, not sure if this is just me though?!

002. MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation This has always been a favourite of mine since I bought it a couple of years back. It gives such great coverage, yet doesn't clog my pores or cause breakouts. Its £19.50 in MAC stores however I found a full 30ml bottle on ebay for the bargain price of only £10.25 (Plus £2.95 postage) which I thought was brilliant! It might only be a few pounds here and there but if it gives me more pennies to spend on my shopping addiction I'll do it haha!

003. ASOS Caged Skirt I had seen this skirt when it was online but couldn't justify spending almost £30 on it, found it being sold on ebay and got it for less than a fiver! The one I got however isn't black, its the pink sheer version with the black caged line detailing (if that even makes sense?!) Anyway its gorgeous! I think I need to get to the gym and work on my legs though as it is super short! I think it will look great teamed with a black sheer shirt and stacked heels.

004. Miss Selfridge Coral Frill Dress I won this dress for less than £2.00! Can you believe it? I couldn't haha! I was so surprised more people didn't bit on it, but I'm not complaining. I love the colour so much, coral has always been one of my favourites, and I think it suits my skin tone so well. The design of it is so simple it will take me from autumn and winter teamed with some thick tights and right through to next summer when I dare to bare my legs all over again.

005. Wine Belted Maxi Skirt Been looking for a gorgeous burgundy, wine coloured maxi skirt for ages and never even thought to hunt for it on ebay. When I did, it was brand new with tags for only £6.99, so I decided to treat myself even though it is the week before payday and have pretty much no money left to live on! Can't wait for it to turn up in the post, I plan to wear it high waisted with a loose t shirt and my heeled Chelsea boots.

006. H&M Faux Leather Skirt If you read my 'Wishlist #1' post you will remember a skirt very similar to this one was on it. However this one is close enough and I won it on ebay for only £8.00. When it turned up in the post with the tags still on, it had been in H&M stores for £24.99! Think I got myself a great bargain there! I'm going to Edinburgh with my mam for a few days this week and we're going for drinks one night so I plan on wearing it then. Going to team it with a sheer blouse and some Topshop chunky heels with a big statement necklace.

I'm still waiting on a few other bits to turn up in the post and when they do I will either do another post or wait until later in the month and do a huge post! Does anyone else like to use ebay to find bargains? What have you got?

Katrina xxx